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You don't
buy from us

Your car
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You have a
lien on it

It's a

Family Auto is your car trader at Spartanburg, who buys your old car at the best price. We offer the best trade-in channels to all customers, irrespective of their history with us. With over 20 years of experience in the auto industry, we bring to you an effective appraisal process along with competitive pricing and an inventory large enough to get you a new used car that you want.

Get an upgrade or refinance your existing plan, Family Auto’s trade-in offer can accommodate all.

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No Pre-payment Charges

If you are already financed with Family Auto, we do not charge you any pre-payment charges. We merely absorb your outstanding loan and adjust it with the price of your next car. You can choose to increase or decrease your new monthly payments, stretch or shrink the loan span, and we will do it for you without any hefty penalties.

So, trade-in your car whenever you want. If your loan term is ending and you do not want to go upside-down, pay us a visit.

Complete in-person Transaction

Under normal circumstances, we will not deal with you over the phone. Neither will we entice you with eyebrow-raising offers just to compel you to come down to our dealership. We will be upfront with our offer and transact with you in person so that you receive the utmost transparency in our dealing.

Right from appraisal to the readjustment of the next auto loan, we will carry out every step right in front of you.

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Trade-in on your terms

We do accept upside-down cars from our customers. At the Family Auto of Spartanburg, you can trade your car for cash and pay off your loan with another lender. You can also take the help of our flexible financing options to find a cheap used car and request financing irrespective of your credit score. Our trade-in offers are designed on your terms. We always place your needs first when it comes to running our dealership.

So, trade your car for another car at Spartanburg.

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