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3 Reasons Why the Buy Here Pay Here Dealership’s Reputation Matters

When you search online for buy here pay here car lots near me, which dealership’s deals attract you the most? Is it the cheap prices of used cars? Or, is it the low monthly payments? Maybe, an approved auto loan no matter which used car you want to buy? The competitive market in American allows buy here pay here dealerships to put up their own deals to attract customers. And these deals help used car buyers ultimately who benefit both on the purchase and financing. But just because a deal is great does not mean that the dealership is trustworthy. The reputation of the dealer is crucial before any deal can kick in.

Here, we list 3 reasons why the reputation of the dealer is the first thing you must check before getting impressed by any deal. If selling cheap used cars were indeed that easy or offering any amount of loan was possible, then every dealer out there would have done the same.

1. Quality used cars are only available at reputed dealerships

Used cars come with a history and that is the very reason why you should question dangerously low prices. If a dealer is offering you used cars in Spartanburg, SC that cost almost nothing, know that the dealer is desperate to get the vehicles off its hands because of their shady history. Most cheap cars carry flood or fire-damage histories or have been in major accidents. You do not want to buy such cars as the underlying quality is almost abysmal. In reputed used car dealerships, you will not find such vehicles as reputation does not come by selling poor-quality vehicles.

2.No hidden tactics behind lucrative deals

For the same amount of loan, how do some BHPH dealerships promise you low monthly payments while the reputed ones seem to charge higher? The first type of dealers lowers your monthly payments by extending your buy here pay here credit span. If your $20,000 loan is spread out over 7 years instead of 3 years, you will naturally have to pay lower premiums. But what these dealers do not tell you is that by extending the credit span, they are actually charging you a higher interest rate, and you end up paying more than you are supposed to. For your benefit, reputed dealers like Family Auto limit the credit span to 3 years. You pay lower interests and make greater savings.

3.The loan amount that you can afford

Any amount of loan you want is the worst scam you can step into and lose all your money in the process. If a dealership offers you this deal, it is certainly eyeing a repossession sometime in the future by giving you a loan that you cannot afford now. You lose your vehicle, the dealership gets back its car that it can resell, and whatever you paid to date goes to waste. Reputed dealerships, on the other hand, will only approve that amount that you can afford. Family Auto requests you to produce your credit report to calculate the loan amount based on your debt-to-income ratio. This way, you get to keep your car by fulfilling your loan commitment and your credit score does not take a further hit.

So, look for reputation first when you search for the best buy here pay here car lots near me. If you are ultimately duped by a lucrative deal, all the benefits that you expect to receive do not arrive at all.


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