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4 Reasons to Finance Your Next Used Car with a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership in Spartanburg

Fortunately, there are multiple ways with which you can finance your next used car in the 21st-century. However, most of them are beyond reach for many as the American credit system has gone through some tough changes over the past few years. If your income is high and you boast of a good credit score, banks will come to your doors to give you an auto loan. But if you are building from the scratch and have no credit score to show, hardly anyone will be willing to grant you a loan even if you can afford the same without worries.

This is where a buy here pay here dealership in Spartanburg, SC becomes helpful. Their in-house financing department is designed to not make a fuss about credit scores. Here are 4 reasons why you should finance your next used car from such a dealership and bypass the credit regulations that do not help.

1. You do not need a good credit score

The first reason is obvious. A reputed buy here pay here in-house financing dealership not only accepts auto loan applications from no credit score holders but also considers customers who come with bad credit scores. The FICO scores can plummet for a variety of reasons. Past bankruptcy, ongoing alimony, low present income, and more. These do not matter at BHPH dealerships as long as you can afford the loan.

2. No co-signer required

You read that right! You do not need a co-signer for buy here pay here cars. Banks extend auto loans to bad credit score holders only after having a payment assurance from a co-signer. This is often embarrassing for the applicant and also leads to disputes with friends and family. At a top BHPH dealership, your current paycheck is the dealership’s security of payment. If you have a stable job, you can buy a used car.

3. No waiting for your credit score to improve

You can buy one of the best used cars in Spartanburg, SC right now. No waiting for an eternity to increase your income or improve your credit score. The only way to increase your FICO score is to pay off your existing debts and make timely premium payments on the rest. That will take time and will not help you if you need a car now. With BHPH in-house financing, you can work to improve your score but after having bought a car.

4. No pressure of paying a high down payment

New cars come at a specific price bracket. The associated down payment required is also high. But with used cars, you can buy a vehicle at almost any price range and this is what makes the down payment variable. Take Family Auto as an example. You can choose to pay as low as $500 as down payment while financing your vehicle (conditions apply)from the buy here pay here dealership in Spartanburg, SC. This eliminates the financial pressure of denting your savings.


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