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4 Signs a Used Car Seller Is Trying to Con You

Buying a used car comes with several challenges, from checking the vehicle’s actual condition to verifying its legitimacy. However, the most significant challenge of buying a pre-owned vehicle is to find a dependable seller. Whether buying from a private owner or an established dealer, you need someone you can trust.

Unfortunately, the soaring popularity of the used car segment means there are plenty of scammers on the market. While not all used car sellers are out to dupe you for your hard-earned money, it’s always wiser to tread with caution.

In this blog, we’ll outline a few crucial signs that indicate a used car seller isn’t worth your trust. Let’s jump right in.

1.They Always Seem to Be in a Hurry

The best sellers will patiently answer all your questions and never rush you into making a decision. If a dealer or private owner tries to dodge your questions or doesn’t devote much time to clarify your doubts, consider it a crucial red flag. For all you know, they might be trying to get rid of a faulty vehicle.

The good news is that if you’re looking to buy used cars in Spartanburg, SC, or elsewhere, you’ll find plenty of credible dealers. For instance, Family Auto Sales, a trusted dealership in South Carolina, will never force you to make a quick decision. Instead, they let buyers check different vehicles, go for a test drive, and evaluate various documents.

2.They Don’t Allow Third-Party Inspection

Most sellers will provide you with an extensive vehicle inspection report to help you understand whether you’re making the right choice. However, if they don’t allow you to get the vehicle inspected by a third-party mechanic or let you test drive the car, it’s a cause for concern. Perhaps, they’re trying to hide a few performance issues that could turn you away.

Family Auto Sales never hesitates to let a mechanic inspect any of their vehicles. They want you to have the complete picture of a used car before you decide to make a purchase. They won’t even stop you from taking the vehicle out for a test drive. It’s the kind of transparency you need from a used car dealer.

3.They Don’t Have the Required Documents

When you’re buying a car, pre-owned or brand new, you want to make sure the paperwork is in place. The last thing you want is to find out the seller doesn’t even have an authentic registration certificate after you make the purchase. So, if a seller hesitates to show any documents for the vehicle, it’s your cue to steer clear.

The best dealers, including Family Auto Sales, keep registration certificates, original purchase invoices, service receipts, and other documents handy at all times. Even if they don’t have a particular document, they’ll let you know upfront.

4.They Charge Exorbitant Interest Rates

This point is only applicable to dealerships. Most used car dealers offer buy here, pay here auto loans. If you’re lucky, in most cases you’ll just have to make a $1000 down payment on a car and your credit check doesn’t matter much and you can take that care home. Thereafter, you’ll have to pay regular instalments to the dealer.

But there’s one slight catch. Many dealerships charge sky-high interest rates and don’t even report your payments to a credit bureau. That means paying installments on time won’t even build your credit score. Also, you’ll likely end up paying more in interest than what the car is actually worth.

So, if you’re considering this type of financing, it’s crucial that you choose a respected dealership that offers reasonable interest rates. If you’re looking for buy here, pay here auto loans near Spartanburg, SC, Family Auto is the right choice.


Investing in a used car is a sensible decision, provided you reach out to the right seller. Watch out for the red flags we’ve discussed in this article. Also, make sure you review the seller’s online reviews and ratings before purchasing from them.


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