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4 Underrated Used Car Makes in the Spartanburg Market

You don’t have to work hard to hear the names Toyota and Honda all over the place in the used car market. Even Ford and Chevrolet have their own fame. Given their high reliability and impressive performance, most used car buyers stick with these manufacturers as a sense of assurance is infused in their models. But we have a competitive market in America and other automakers do not merely sit tight and allow the Toyotas and Fords to get all the spotlight. A lot of them are underrated, given the type of vehicles they are manufacturing now and the scores they are receiving from the rating agencies.

So, the next time you in a car lot in Spartanburg, SC, consider the following used car makes. They serve as great alternatives to the popular models and can cost you a few bucks less.

1. Hyundai

Hyundai Tucson 2012 Black

Hyundai had lost most of its credibility in the 1990s when it was selling vehicles with poor durability and reliability ratings but after it acquired Kia in 1998, the automaker has really amped up its game. Today, any used Hyundai model can give stiff competition to a used Honda or a used Toyota. The automaker has a vehicle in almost all segments, a few of them being best-sellers. So, search for a used Hyundai in Spartanburg, SC, and invest in a great car.

2. Kia

Kia Rio 2017 Red

You might think how is Kia underrated but the car make struggles to receive its deserved fame, especially in the compact SUV segment. Honda CR-V rules the market. Toyota and Nissan come in next. But Kia’s Sportage provides far more competitive specs than the market leaders at a cheaper price. Kia today manufactures vehicles with stellar EPA ratings. Even the safety specs available from the automaker are the best in the market along with infotainment tech and powertrain features.

3. Subaru

Would you rather buy a Chevrolet Tahoe or a Subaru Outback? Most pick Chevy’s full-size pickup even when Subaru’s SUV performs better. Again, if you keep popularity aside, Subaru is a great car manufacturer. It does everything right and provides its customers with the necessary features. Pick a Subaru without any doubt about performance or reliability. The automaker is making the headlines positively on both those grounds.

4. Mitsubishi

Probably the most underrated car make of the lot. Yes, Mitsubishi has had its bad days but a few models from the automaker do not disappoint at all. The Mitsubishi Outlander is a comprehensive SUV. Its Mirage hatchback ranks high on utility grounds. Buying a used Mitsubishi in Spartanburg, SC makes sense, both on grounds of finances and performance. The carmaker’s reliability might not be excellent but buying from a top dealer with warranties should keep you safe.


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