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Buy Here Pay Here Financing – Why Is It the Best Option When Used Car Prices are Rising?

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a unique chain of events that caused used car prices to rise for the first time in this century. Right now, the average prices of used cars stand at record high figures and expert predictions say that the trend is likely to continue. Rising prices are never good news for anyone. Customers find it difficult to buy the commodity while dealerships lose sales opportunities. However, the worst hit is always the group of used car buyers who have bad credit scores. A rise in used car prices means that financing vehicles become even more difficult and they cannot afford one until the prices come down.

Buy here pay here financing is the way to go

A buy here pay here in Spartanburg, SC does not equate financing eligibility to your credit score. You may have a good credit score, a bad credit score, or no credit score, yet you are approved for an auto loan in a top buy here pay here dealership. Hence, the rising price trend of used cars will not make auto financing difficult for you as higher prices do not increase your credit risk due to your bad credit score. It does not matter what the price of a used car is right now. If your current pay check can cover the financing expenses, a buy here pay here dealer will not question your financial strength to buy a used car.

Naturally, as used car prices keep rising, you should start searching for the best buy here pay here car lots near me. Only at dealerships where credit scores do not mean a thing can you actually buy used cars without your financial decisions being questioned.

Combat the affordability issue with a large inventory

Once your auto financing is approved, the next big question looms over affording used cars with rising prices. No one likes to pay more than what they have to and the used car market trend is not helping consumers. This is where you need to pick a buy here pay here dealership with a large inventory. Because, a large inventory means a massive collection of used cars of all types of make, model, year of manufacture, and so on.

At Family Auto Sales, our inventory of used cars runs deep. You can find a used Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevy, Subaru, Kia, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Nissan, Fiat, and more. We even have Scion, Pontiac, and Mercury in our lot where the price tag reduces to inexpensive levels and you can buy a quality used car right within your budget. Family Auto of Spartanburg is where you can beat the demons of rising used car prices. The combination of our easy buy here pay here financing deal along with a deep inventory enables you to buy a used car despite the chaos of the market.

Stop worrying

And buy a used car because you need one. A buy here pay here in Spartanburg, SC functions to help bad credit score holders and it is always the best financing option in any market situation. So, bring out your check book, visit us at Family Auto, and check out our excellent used cars that come with a comprehensive 2 years/36,000 miles warranty.


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