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Buying Used Cars for $500 Down: Will I End Up with Flood-Damaged Vehicles?

Your concern is valid! We have just witnessed the second-most divesting hurricane after Katrina recently and you know that flood-damaged vehicles are finding their way into the used car market if you have been keeping track of the auto news. Naturally, the sudden surge of car dealerships in Spartanburg, SC offering $500 down used vehicles concerns you. Although the low down payment value will help you, no one wants to end up with a flood-damaged vehicle because the consequences later are life-threatening.

So, is every buy here pay here in Spartanburg with $500 down financing option selling a flood-damaged vehicle? How likely are you to end up with one? Fortunately, the answers to these questions are heartening. And even when used car prices are rising, you can buy a quality used car with just $500 down if you know which dealership to pick.

Reputed dealerships gain nothing by selling flood-damaged vehicles

In other words, if a good buy here pay here in South Carolina sells you a flood-damaged vehicle, it stands to lose its reputation and market share. The best part about America’s marketplace is competition. You will always find another dealer with a better deal. Thus, all good dealers look to provide quality because nothing else holds customers’ trust more than impeccable used cars. Dealerships like Family Auto of Spartanburg are too big to be dealing with damaged vehicles. Our reputation is unmatched in the market because of the quality we provide. You find $500 down used cars with us because of our vast inventory. Not because we sell lemon cars to make profits.

Look for the clear signs of flood damage

However, if you end up at a dealership other than Family Auto and are not sure about the quality of the vehicle in front of you, look for the signs of flood damage that are very visible even to novice eyes.

First, the electronics of the used car will malfunction. Standing water damages a car’s electrical circuitry first. You can test the damage by playing the radio, tinkering with the navigation, and more.

-Second, you will either find the floor mats replaced without any solid reason or the upholstery smelling moldy. No matter what reasons the dealers give you, know that the vehicle stood in water.

Lastly, the vehicle history will be fuzzy. You will not find a clear line of ownership or maintenance schedules. This indicates a totalled car that has been brought to South Carolina from some other state that saw the full force of Hurricane Ida.

In all, trust your gut. If you feel the warning bells, either walk out or get the vehicle inspected by a mechanic.

Or, simply stick to Family Auto

We are a top buy here pay here in Spartanburg with $500 down financing option and our deal was always available hurricane or not. Additionally, we offer you a comprehensive 2 years/36,000 miles warranty on our used cars that proves the quality we provide. We absorb our vehicles after expert inspection and make sure every aspect of the used cars is in order. Benefit from $500 down financing with Family Auto. Trust our reputation and forget about flood-damaged vehicles.


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