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Ford, Dodge, or Chevrolet – Whose Sports Car Should You Buy?

You own a sports car with pride. You drive a sports car with pride. And you definitely flaunt your sports car with pride. Unlike the typical sedans or SUVs, when you take your sports car outside, you are bound to attract a lot of attention. And when you are at the center of all those eyeballs, you will definitely want your car to have the best brand’s symbol on its grille. Keeping aside the Porches and the Lamborghinis, here is a comparison among the top 3 American sports car that you can proudly own. Each maker is unique and so are their cars.

The classic Ford Mustang

The Mustang has been around forever and if there is one car that Ford has made with its heart and soul, it is definitely the Mustang. The recent models look more venomous while the older ones give you that vintage feel. But what really impresses is its engine under the hood that can rev up to 460 HP. With that, you can make your Mustang roar. Switch to old-school manual and your drive will feel heavenly. Buy Mustang from the top used Ford dealership Spartanburg SC if you want a classic sports car at an affordable rate.

The iconic Dodge Viper

Sport car fans mourned for months when Fiat decided to discontinue its popular American sports car. But you can always find the iconic Viper in the top used Dodge Spartanburg SC buy here pay here dealership. The first reason to look at Dodge is its V10 engine. Power ratings go well over 500 HP with its sleek design aiding acceleration. And if you select a renowned dealership with a large inventory, you may very well get the Viper with the Hellcat under its hood. That is surely going to get you some attention.

The popular Chevrolet Camaro

Whenever you look at a Camaro, the Transformers come first to your mind. If you want a sports car straight out of the movies, the Chevrolet Camaro should be your pick. Like the rest, the engine and its power rating will not disappoint but where the Camaro wins above the rest is in its comfort and entertainment features. Zero to 60 happens in 4 seconds. The bulk makes your drive flawless. Camaro may not pack Dodge’s power but it definitely makes up with drive-feel and comfort, coming quite near to the Mustang.

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