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How Important is a Used Car’s Thermostat?

If you are about to take your car out during a cold winter day, it is generally suggested to keep the engine running on idle a bit “to heat the car up”. Why is that? On the other side, it is also suggested to park your car and let it rest a bit if your engine has overheated and smoke is oozing out from the hood. Why? The optimal recommended temperature of any car’s engine to function under is between 195 degrees to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. And any deviation from this range causes the engine to either stay under- or overheated.

A small spring-like element that maintains this temperature around the engine’s body is called the car’s thermostat. Its malfunctioning seriously compromises the engine’s performance, as evident from the above two examples. The cars for sale in Spartanburg, SC that you will be considering must carry genuine and functioning thermostats. Any glitch here and the vehicle is not worth buying.

How does the thermostat work?

The thermostat is like a gate between the engine and the radiator.When the engine is underheated, the thermostat closes and does not allow the coolant from the engine to flow into the radiator. This, in turn, heats the engine as the coolant is not picking it and dispersing in the radiator and the continuation of this state will take the engine into an overheated condition.

A healthy thermostat opens as soon as the engine heats up above a specific limit. Fresh coolant arrives from the condenser, picks up the heat from the engine, and takes it to the radiator. Under optimal conditions, a thermostat is neither open nor close. It maintains a continuous flow as required to keep the temperature range in that recommended zone.

Why is it so important?

Many unscrupulous dealers sell bad credit cars for sale in Spartanburg, SC with malfunctioning thermostats. They ask customers to ignore engine temperature fluctuations as a trivial affair. But overheating apply serious pressure on the engine parts. And the radiator, without much use, develops clogs and leaks. The same applies to underheated engines. They have work harder to get the car moving and the engine parts wear down faster than they are supposed to. Ultimately, you will have to fix the entire engine for around $7,500.One small part can wreak havoc in your entire powertrain.

Do not assume that just because you are buying a Honda or a Dodge in Spartanburg, SC that your used car will be in top shape. The quality ultimately depends on the dealer and the ethics with which they do business with. It often comes down to these small parts like the thermostat which can miss your watchful eye during the purchase only to drain all your savings in a matter of days.


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