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How Legit are Buy Here Pay Here In-House Financing Dealerships?

Banks carry a certain degree of trust when it comes to auto financing. After all, they are functioning under the Feds and have certain protocols to maintain. But for private organizations like a buy here pay here in-house financing dealership, that trust naturally wobbles as the Federal government no longer has control over such institutions. Plus, scam stories are everywhere and almost all expert kinds of literature on the internet are asking you to stay away from some fraudulent business or another. In such a world, it is only natural that you hold skepticism over the legitimacy of buy here pay here lots.

Top names like Family Auto, however, pass the legit test. For such dealerships have stood the test of time with the business model and now hold the faith of thousands of happy customers who have benefitted from the buy here pay here in Spartanburg. Every step that you walk through in Family Auto of Spartanburg is transparent and you transact exactly as per the market norms.

Auto financing is a business

Family Auto is an accredited business in the auto financing industry. The goal is to help you to finance your car by not depending on your credit score and earn through the interest rate you pay. The system is similar to any other financing company. You pay a certain amount as a down payment, finance the rest of the car’s price through auto loans, make monthly premiums, and ultimately take ownership of the car. This has been the process at Family Auto for over 20 years now and you can rest assured that your auto financing will be seamless.

But why the high interest rate?

You can finance used cars in Spartanburg, SC in a buy here pay here dealership with a bad or no credit score. No bank will entertain your application because of the associated credit risk but buy here pay here dealerships do not care about that. In return, they charge a marginally higher interest rate than banks to offset the risk the default. And this is done as per the market norm of the country. The high interest rate can act as a trigger for many as being fraudulent behaviour but this is integrated into the business model of buy here pay here.

Yes, not all dealerships are legit

You can come across a buy here pay here in-house financing dealership that is in the market for all the wrong reasons. It might sell you lemon cars, claim sky-high interest rates, force you to pay a high down payment, and limit your car buying options. This is why checking the credibility of the dealership is always the first step to buying used cars. You need to go for those that have been in business for a long time now, have earned the trust of their customers, and deal in only quality cars. Family Auto of Spartanburg tops that trusted list and that is where you should be headed.

Enjoy the benefits of our buy here pay here in Spartanburg. Finance your car with easy auto loans and get a flat 2 years/36,000 miles warranty on any vehicle that you pick. Do not worry about legitimacy and get an unforgettable experience at Family Auto.


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