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Low Mileage Used Cars in Spartanburg Aren’t Always Great Deals – Here’s Why

Auto dealers in Spartanburg, SC know that used car buyers like low mileage used cars. And often, many buyers are willing to pay any amount if the odometer reading is surprisingly low on a shiny used car. However, just low mileage does not guarantee a vehicle’s longevity. It does not mean that the used car you are about to buy is indeed fairly new and will not see any recent repairs. As low mileage used cars tend to attract higher prices than their high mileage counterparts, many dealers go to great lengths to display such vehicles. The deals are not what they seem and you can end up making a bad investment.

Possible reasons for vehicles to have a low mileage

• Majorly driven in the city
• The owner hardly used the vehicle
• Odometer scam – the dealer modified the odometer to read low miles
• Vehicle with a rebuilt title
• Or, vehicle with fire or flood damage

If you are lucky, you may come across a low mileage used car in perfectly good shape with used car dealerships in Spartanburg, SC. Still, you must know that such vehicles have majorly been city cars where the engines have had to start and stop frequently. This process puts pressure on the powertrain and the vehicle is likely to suffer more wear and tear. A higher mileage used car generally has a healthier powertrain due to its highway miles.

Wear and tear also accelerate if the car is hardly used. The vehicle deteriorates at an exponential level if the owner does not take care of the car as well. The two generally happen hand in hand and such low mileage used cars are unfit to be sold in used car lots in Upstate SC. But still, most buyers just see the odometer readings and sign the deal.

Odometer scams also happen in South Carolina. Despite the claims that it is impossible to rig modern-day odometers, it is that much easy. Unscrupulous dealers bring down the odometer figure to hike the price and you have no way to tell if you just bought a low-mileage or high-mileage used car.

Lastly, accident, flood, or fire-damaged used cars tend to have low mileage. If the vehicle faces an accident or stands in flood in its second year, the car will become non-operational at 20,000 miles say. Few owners have the financial strength to fix such vehicles if their insurance does not come through and they let the vehicles stand in the garage unrepaired. A dealer might pick up such a car at no cost at all, fix it, give it a rebuilt title, and you suddenly get a 6-year-old car at 20,000 miles. Little do you know that the structural integrity is compromised due to the previous accident or the electronics are not at their 100% due to the flood damage.

Rise above low mileage used cars

And look for top used car dealerships in Spartanburg, SC where the underlying quality of the vehicles are top-notch, irrespective of the figures shown on the odometer. At Family Auto of Spartanburg, you only get the best used cars in Spartanburg with clean titles and maintenance histories. You also get a flat 2 years/36,000 miles warranty on any car that you buy. High-mileage or not, you can trust the vehicles at Family Auto for our reputation exceeds expectations in the market since we only absorb used cars after screening them through our expert evaluation systems.


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