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Pros and Cons of Buying a Discontinued Model as Your Next Used Car in Spartanburg

There is an air of skepticism that hangs around models like Honda Fit or Chevrolet Impala or brands like Scion or Mercury. And why is that? Because these are discontinued models or brands that the umbrella manufacturers decided to stop production recently. It means you will not find these cars with new car dealers but they are available with a typical buy here pay here dealership in Spartanburg. Buying discontinued models, in reality, have both pros and cons but one set outweighs the other depending on your outlook of your next used car.

Let’s dive into both here. And give you a comprehensive understanding about buying discontinued used cars in Spartanburg, SC.

Pro: You might find a bargain on the price

When too many people hold skepticism about the same commodity, the demand falls taking the price along. This is why a Scion or a Mercury sells at a cheaper rate than a used Honda or Toyota. The underlying quality might be the same, especially, when you buy from a reputed buy here pay here in Spartanburg like the Family Auto, yet scepticisms tend to make discontinued used cars sell at a bargain as people fear that they might not get parts in the market in case of repairs. In reality, manufacturers continue to produce parts long after a model is discontinued. But people somehow do not believe this and you can buy your next used car at a bargain.

Pro: Used cars with no-fuss features

Take the Chevrolet Impala as an example. The major reason General Motors stopped manufacturing this car is that it went out of fashion. If you keep looks out of the equation, and the craze with compact SUVs, the Impala rarely left any room for complaints. The model consistently received great reliability scores from J.D. Power and carried industry-leading EPA ratings. You can bet on the Impala to get a used car with no-fuss features that otherwise inflate the vehicle’s overall price. So, the next time you see a discontinued used car in a buy here pay here in Spartanburg, know that you will get the best basic features that money can buy.

Con: The resale value of the car may take a hit

Discontinued used cars in Spartanburg, SC will have lower resale value than other cars that are still in production. And this is where people’s scepticisms play a deciding role again. If people are averse to buying discontinued models now, their skepticism will only increase further 5 years down the line. As someone who keeps his/her car for a short span and upgrades every half a decade, buying discontinued used cars may not be for you. But in case you want to buy your next used car for the long haul, the set of pros definitely outweigh the con and you can purchase discontinued used cars with peace of mind.

However, remember to get the car from the best buy here pay here dealership in Spartanburg. This will ensure an impressive underlying quality along with warranty backing. Family Auto of Spartanburg is a top name where you not only find quality used cars but also get easy financing and impressive deals.


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