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Should You Buy the Used Car that Your Friend is Selling?

In it is not uncommon for Bill or Leslie to come over and strike up a conversation where he/she is looking to sell his/her car. And you might suddenly feel very lucky as you were just thinking of buying a car. What a coincidence! No hassles of researching dealership. No long days of walking around car lots in Spartanburg. Both of you can simply agree on a price, shake on it, and make the transaction where everyone walks out happy. After all, you are friends. There are never be any hidden complications. And if there is, you will surely sort it out.

That rarely happens. When it comes to cars and the associated investment, buying from Bill or Leslie is not suggested at all.

But why?

When you were thing about buying a vehicle, you naturally imagined purchasing one of the top Spartanburg cars. Surely, you do not want to end up with a lemon where repairs will frequently keep the car in the shop. Now, neither you nor your friend is a car expert. Something might have honestly missed the attention of Bill or Leslie during their ownership and you just bought the car with that fault. Technically, you should pay for the repairs after the purchase. But you will always hold your friend accountable for the extra expense you had to bear. This will turn your relationship sour.

It might also happen that Bill or Leslie is not that honest. You might end up buying a car with a salvage title or an existing lien. Confrontation later will not be amicable and you will have to bear the immediate responsibility if your friend denies taking accountability. Plus, buying used cars in Spartanburg, South Carolina, requires the due completion of a lot of paperwork. Unless you do the title transfer right and draft a bill of sale, you will not have full ownership of the car even when you shook on it with your friend.

What should you do?

Visit dealerships selling best autos in Spartanburg, SC. Politely ask Bill or Leslie to visit the dealership as well where they can trade-in their old vehicle for a new one. This way, nothing stands in between your friendship as you delegate the responsibility of car buying and selling to a business that is solely meant for that.

Also, the best bad credit cars for sale come with warranties, something you will not get in your friend’s car. The paperwork will be taken care of by the dealer. And you will have a clean history and title depending on the brand you pick. It is a gospel to never do business with friends if you cherish the relationship. Buy and trade with used car dealers and preserve your friendship.


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