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What’s the Ideal Odometer Reading on Private Pre-Owned Vehicles in Spartanburg?

Odometer readings on pre-owned vehicles in Spartanburg are important parameters and we all know that. But the reading’s relevance depends on a lot of factors that only a few used car buyers evaluate while buying used cars. A privately owned used car will never have the same odometer reading as a rental used car. And just the mileage figures are not enough to judge the quality of both types of used cars.

So, assuming that you are looking for private pre-owned vehicles in Spartanburg only, or the type of vehicles that had mostly been owned by individuals and average families, let us discuss the ideal odometer reading you should be looking for. Remember that no single theory is perfect when it comes to buying used cars and you have to use your best intuition in the end.

The true meaning of low and high mileage

Now, if you just see 5,000 miles written on a used car at any Spartanburg car lot, it is easy to assume that the vehicle is a low-mileage candidate. Similarly, if you just see 200,000 miles on a pickup standing nearby, you will naturally look away thinking that the truck is a high-mileage vehicle. But that is not how you evaluate used cars and trucks based on odometer readings. You do not see just the net value but actually divide the mileage by the number of years the car has been out of the factory.

So, if the 5,000-mile used car is 5 years old, then you can safely assume it is a very low-mileage car. And such vehicles do not survive long because the cars surely spent a lot of time in the garage – not what they were built for. For the truck, if the pickup is 10-15 years old, the high-mileage rating is within the acceptable limit. However, if the 200,000-mile truck is also 5 years old, it is a very high-mileage truck that has similar survival issues because of spending too much time on the road.

What’s the ideal odometer number then?

For low to moderate mileage private pre-owned vehicles in Spartanburg, look for cars that have typically added 12,000-15,000 miles every year of their existence. If the vehicle you are considering majorly ran among cities through the highway, that limit can still go up to 20,000 miles, provided the used car was very well maintained. Overall, avoid buying used cars and trucks that already have over 175,000 miles on the odometer and were in service for more than 10-12 years because several complications start to seep in beyond this point.

One, most vital car parts including the engine already carry considerable wear and tear. Be sure that you will have to spend a hefty amount on repairs soon. And two, the frequency of repairs and maintenance also increases in very low or high mileage used cars as they require that much care to survive. Your investment in such vehicles will not fetch great returns.

Search for the best used pre-owned vehicle

And buy the one with an optimal odometer reading. At Family Auto Sales in Spartanburg, you will not find used cars with over 175,000 miles on them. And the average miles per year is just in that optimal 15,000 range. Plus, at Family Auto, you get a hard-to-beat 2 years/36,000 miles warranty on the used car you buy which further goes on to show the quality of the vehicle you get to drive home from our dealership.

You do not need to worry about very high or very low mileage at Family Auto sales. We do that hard work for you when we absorb used cars for our lot. Family Auto only takes the best used vehicles in and you thus get the best used vehicles with us in Spartanburg.


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