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4 Facts About Used Cars You Probably Didn’t Know About

Skepticisms run high whenever people talk about used cars. But in reality, used cars are better investments than new cars when the vehicle is capable of serving your exact needs. However, in order to become a savvy auto buyer, you must have all the information at hand. Details that are visible in plain sight and the ones that hide at the time of purchase. So, keep your eyes open for the hidden facts, check for those which rookie buyers do not. Visit the top car dealerships near you and look out for the following pointers.

1. Digital odometers can be tampered with

A shady dealer can easily tweak the odometer reading to show you a low mileage reading. You will then have to pay a higher price for the used car not thinking about giving the Carfax report a check. Be on guard here and make your used cars Spartanburg SC dealer pull out the original reading. Do not trust what is displayed on the dashboard.

2. Airbags can be dysfunctional

Just because the car you selected is shinning on the outside, do not take the condition of the airbags for granted. If the vehicle had undergone an accident, replacing the airbags has to be perfect. Only authentic buy here pay here dealers will have the skilled technicians to do a clean job here and it is your duty to check for functional airbags. Look out for some buy here pay here dealers in Gaffney SC

3. Flood vehicles are quite common

Most used car dealers take in flood-damaged vehicles at a meager price, let it fry out in the sun and then sell it to you at a high quote. Make sure you stick to the best car dealerships near me who have a reputation of selling good used cars as the small ones tend to partake in that shady job. Look for growing rust and ask for the car’s history.

4. A used car has an average of three owners

Do not surprised if your selected vehicle had five. The number of previous owners is not a determining factor of the car’s quality in the top used cars Spartanburg SC dealerships. More often than not, people change their cars for the simplest of reasons and they end up in the inventories. Good dealers take care of the minor damages and sell you only quality.


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