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4 Reasons Why Buying Used Cars from Private Sellers Is a Hassle

With the rise of online selling platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, selling a commodity directly to a buyer has now become easier. And the fever has caught on to buying and selling cars as well as thousands of transactions are being carried out regularly and used cars are frequently changing hands. But buying used cars in Spartanburg, SC from private sellers is not as simple and exciting as it sounds. Finding a great vehicle is more of a hassle with minimal assurances after purchase.

1. Haggling over price does not bear good results

A private seller tends to overestimate the price of his/her used car owing to the emotions attached to the vehicle. A buyer generally underestimates the value of the same vehicle given the market trend to haggle over prices. This often leads to a deadlock and breaks the deal. In a buy here pay here dealership in Spartanburg, SC, you will find used cars at the right prices. The rates are decided by the market and no human estimates anything with emotions here.

2. The seller might not be a car expert

Which will lead to a whole lot of complications, like a lack of descriptive details in the ad to not maintaining proper records of service history. Sure, you can walk away from such a deal but imagine the number of deals you will have to hunt down and ignore until you find an expert used car private seller who knows his/her car and has maintained all the papers. Again, in a buy here pay here in Spartanburg, it is their job to give you all the data about their used cars. You will be buying your vehicle from market experts.

3. You will need pre-approved auto loans

There is simply no other way to buy used cars from private sellers. Everyone will expect to be paid in cash and you can only have the keys once the pre-approved auto loan goes through. With a bad credit score, this might be difficult to get. But you can bypass the hassle entirely by approaching buy here pay here used car lots that finance in Spartanburg. Bad credit scores do not matter here. Your auto loan is approved with your current paycheck as security. All steps done under one roof.

4. No quality assurance after purchase

What if you spot a defect after you have bought the used car from a private seller? How sure are you that he/she will take responsibility for the damage? It will all come down to good faith and ethics then or you will have to sue to get your money back. But if you buy used cars in Spartanburg, SC from Family Auto, you get a 2-years/36,000 miles warranty. The chances of finding a defect after purchase are astronomical and even if you do, the repairs will be covered by the warranty.


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