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Buying a Used Electric Car in Spartanburg: Is it a Good Idea?

The EV fever is now running wild! With almost all American automakers focusing a part of their production on electric and the government handing out lucrative incentives, people have become more accepting of electric vehicles to both help Mother Nature and bypass the effects of fluctuating gasoline prices. However, buying a used electric car is a different ball game altogether when compared to purchasing a new one. You will need to consider a few factors that might affect your cost of ownership, return from the EV, and so on. In this post, we explore if it is a good idea to buy a used EV or should you simply stick to good-old gasoline when you visit a reputed buy here pay here dealership.

Buy EV if you wish to hold it for a long time

Electric vehicles depreciate faster than their gasoline counterparts. So, if you intend to follow the American trend of owning your used car for 5 years and reselling the same to buy another, you are unlikely to get a good return from your used EV. Buy it only if you intend to own it for a decade or more. Otherwise, go for popular gasoline used cars buy here pay here that can give you a good return after half a decade of ownership. However, that being said, a few used EVs like Tesla Model 3 are retaining a good resale value. You may say that there’s hope with a few models.

No! You do not have to change the battery soon

EV sceptic’s frequently point out that you will have to change your used car’s battery soon once you purchase an EV. Although EV batteries need replacement, you might not have to do it depending on how long you are holding on to the car. EV batteries are known to last for over a decade. Sure, the replacement cost is in four-figures but it might be a one-time payment that you will have to bear during the ownership. Find a reputed car trader in Spartanburg and buy a quality EV. The battery should run you long enough.

Do not expect to drive long in an EV

Any top buy here pay here in Spartanburg, SC will suggest that you go for a used hybrid rather than a pure EV if you tend to drive long distances. On average, the best of EVs can run smoothly for 100 miles after which it will require a full night charging to go the same distance again. Additionally, in Spartanburg, you might have to install your own EV charging station in your garage which will naturally attract additional costs. Explore these drawbacks. Look hard at your budget and credit scores. For now, you may wish to stick with gasoline or hybrid used cars and switch to EV when the trend picks up more.


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