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4 Things to Avoid While Buying Used Cars in Spartanburg

Buying a used car is a big decision. A substantial amount of money is involved along with a few other parameters that experts continuously ask you to check before signing the sale agreement of a used vehicle. When you are at the dealership, it can get overwhelming with the salesperson smiling at you constantly and the finance manager throwing random numbers. And that is where you can get confused and end up making mistakes. To avoid turning the buying process into a hassle, evade these 4 simple things. Stick to the best buy here pay here dealerships in Spartanburg and you shall do fine.

1. First up, avoid really cheap used cars for sale

Cheap used cars can be tempting due to their price tag. You may think – Hey! I am buying used. Why pay that extra money? But this is where you need to stop yourself and ask the question, how come the dealer is selling the vehicle at such a cheap rate? There must be demons that have brought the cost down. Used cars with almost blown out motor or a bad transmission sell cheap. They do not survive long and cost you a chunk in repairs.

2. Do not get fascinated by low monthly payments

A car dealership with bad credit financing will help you with auto loans. In return, they will charge an interest rate which is also their earning. Hence, you will often find a few unscrupulous dealers trying to show you the low monthly payments on their loans, all the time hiding the high interest rate that accompanies the same. Do not get swayed by monthly credit payments. Keep your focus on the net price of the used car.

3. Do not give up test driving the vehicle before buying

Even today, almost 20% of used car buyers give up test driving just because the vehicle looked good on first look. Avoid this when you are at the dealership buying a used car for yourself. On the surface, a vehicle may look just fine but only during test drives can you detect engine, suspension and transmission problems that remain hidden inside. Inspect the car with your keen eyes first but then remember to take it out for a ride.

4. Avoid buying without warranties

No matter what you have heard in the market, used cars also come with warranties. And we are not talking about extended warranties that you have to buy with a one-time payment. You deserve flat warranties that are included in the package which assure you the quality of the used car that you are buying. At Family Auto, you get 2-year/36,000 miles on any used car you buy in Spartanburg. This is the deal you should be looking for when buying a used car or truck.


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