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How Much Does Mileage Matter on Used Cars and Trucks?

Low-mileage used trucks and used cars in Spartanburg, SC are attractive commodities. Dealers advertise them at premium prices. Buyers flock to them for age-old archaic reasons. But latest technological improvements of the automotive industry have rendered the low-mileage craze useless as high-mileage used vehicles are offering better performances at comparatively cheaper prices. So, while buying a used car in the 21st century, you need to ask the question – how much does mileage matter? Does low-mileage bring the benefits they once used too or is the premium price not worth paying?

Low-mileage used cars – double-edged swords

Yes, low-mileage buy here pay here used trucks and cars can indicate low wear and tear due to less time on the road and might seem to live longer than high-mileage used vehicles but a less than average mileage figure also specify that such cars have spent most of their time sitting idle – something that they are not designed to do. Today, most car parts are built from plastic and rubber and these components become brittle if left unused. Similarly, the engine and transmission live longer if fluids continuously flow through them which only happens if a car is regularly driven. Low-mileage cars are only worth their price if they have been maintained properly. But very few owners take good care of the vehicle if it majorly stays in the garage.

High-mileage used cars make better cases now

Statistics show that post-2007, car manufacturers in America have started making vehicles that are surviving well over a decade. And these cars are only getting better with added mileage as fuel efficiency and engine performance are improving with the added odometer reading. Sure, a few car part replacements are due as a used car hit the six-figure mileage mark but after those are carried out, the vehicle will run like a dream for the next few years. Additionally, high-mileagebuy here pay here used cars do not carry the premium price tag that comes with popularity and you can take home a quality vehicle making good savings.

So, how much does mileage matter?

Not that much, actually. Focus on finding the top nearest used car dealerships in Spartanburg and buying used cars with warranties. The odometer reading will not matter if the car is in good shape, carries clean ownership and maintenance history, and has been reconditioned expertly. At Family Auto of Spartanburg, you get the best of all worlds while shopping for used cars and this is the dealership you can trust when it comes to owning a quality vehicle.


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