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Buying a Used Car with No Credit Check? 5 Things You are Entitled to

No credit check does not entitle the dealership to make unnatural claims. You are the customer; you have a few rights as well. Cheap cars with no credit check can also have benefits like any other standard vehicle and you are entitled to receive a buying experience that is nothing but the best. Here are 5 things to ensure that. Evaluate the deal on the table closely against these and walk out if anything less is made available for you.

Buying coverage with no credit check

The top buy here pay here in Spartanburg, South Carolina will offer you auto insurances that you can purchase with no credit check as well. If the dealer refuses to sell any or charges more owing to your low score, opt out from buying the car as well. Others might want to check your credit score, but no credit check dealers will sell you at the same deal as the car. No dependency on your score.

Varied available options

The dealers cannot just line the unpopular cars for you. A low credit score merely means that you cannot request a high auto loan but you can surely look around the dealership and pick up a car you want that you can afford. Genuine dealers maintain a deep inventory for their no credit check shoppers as well. Select such a brand to get your car.

Option to flex the down payment

Paying a high down payment is not a stringent rule. As a low credit score buyer, you must have access to dealership benefits like 500 down or flexible down payments while buying used cars in Spartanburg, SC. A high down payment surely has its benefits, but you are entitled to the financing if your present paycheque can cover the monthly payments.

Interests at market rate

It is given that no credit check dealers charge a comparatively higher interest amount than the traditional financial houses. But just because they are not taking your score into account, such dealers cannot charge outrageous rates. Research the prevalent market rates and go to dealerships that offer financing at such interest levels.

Customized payment options

Most cheap cars with no credit check dealerships ask their customers to come down personally to hand over the monthly payments. This is their ploy to ensure that the person is still in town with their car and money. You will want to avoid that inconvenience. Pick dealers who accept remote or online payments and do not force you to make monthly visits just for their peace of mind.


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