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4WD Used Cars in Spartanburg are Not As Fancy As it Sounds

Four-wheel drive! Control over all the four wheels of your used car! You can finally take your vehicle out to that rocky terrain and get brilliant traction from your car while driving at exciting speeds. This is how most used cars buyers feel while looking at 4WD vehicles in used car dealerships in Spartanburg, SC. The manufacturers also advertise 4WD cars as some adventurous machines that you can drive to discover hidden gems.

However, 4WD used cars just appear fancy on paper because, in real life, these carry extremely sensitive powertrains that tend to get damaged with the slightest increase in speed. Family Auto buy here pay here in Upstate SC refrains from dealing with 4WD used cars. And our reasons have to do with vehicle quality in the long run.

The working of 4WD vehicles

In 4WD vehicles, drivers can drive their used cars either in 2WD or 4WD mode. This is what differentiates a 4WD car from an AWD vehicle where the engine continuously sends power to all four wheels in the latter drivetrain type. With a transfer case selector lever, the driver of a 4WD vehicle can choose to operate in 2WD. In this condition, the transmission comes into action and transfer power to the rear wheels only through the driveshaft and the axle.

The front wheels, then, operate in neutral. That is, they are free to rotate at different speeds while going around the corner. But as soon as the driver switches to 4WD, the engine engages the front wheels and all four wheels are supposed to run at the same speed.

What’s the problem here?

During those corners, the front wheels have to slip a bit to enable the car to turn smoothly. But if the engine forces these to run at the same speed as the rear ones, the slip does not happen and the front wheels remain under crucial pressure. Multiply that with the number of corners you take in 4WD mode and the vehicle’s tires, axle gears, and the transfer case wear down that much faster. The drivetrain suffers just because of its construction.

Additionally, 4WD vehicles are not designed to operate in 4WD mode at high speeds. The ball joints and bearings that help the front wheels to run in neutral during 2WD take immense hits if you drive your vehicle above 50 mph in 4WD mode. Sure, you can say that you are a careful driver but even the best makes mistakes and you might unknowingly floor the gas pedal on the highway while your car is still in 4WD mode.

The consequence

Expensive drivetrain repairs – that is what you stare at with 4WD used cars. The underlying construction is heavily complex and fixing damages of 4WD vehicles require costly parts. Ask yourself – will you ever take that adventurous ride sometime soon? Is it worth it to buy a 4WD used car and risk your savings? Stick to the other powertrain options, if possible, and buy after consulting with the best used car dealerships in Spartanburg, SC.

At Family Auto Spartanburg buy here pay here dealership, we believe in selling you vehicles that will last long without hefty repair costs. We thus stay away from 4WD used cars because we understand the consequences. Plus, we give you a comprehensive 2 years/36,000 miles warranty to assure vehicle quality and ensure that your cost of ownership stays limited. Visit us today for the top deals in Upstate South Carolina, and drive home an impressive used car.


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