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What is the Best Age and Mileage to Trade Your Used Car?

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Savvy car owners place their trade-ins at the right time to extract the maximum resale value from their vehicles. Just as you can get a discount by buying a car of a specific age and mileage, you can ask for a high price from dealerships based on those same grounds as well. The obvious is often not true. The secrets are not visible. At the end of the day, a trade-in is ultimately a negotiation where the interests are flipped – you are the seller while the dealership is the buyer.

The best age to trade your car

The newer the car, the higher the price. The deal is as simple as that here. However, not all dealerships will be willing to give you a fair price unless you can show them an ironclad offer. Search for the top and reputable used car lots near me and pick the one that has been in business for a long time. Only here you can expect the transparency you need even when your car has passed the manufacturer warranty period and seen a healthy number of years. You are entitled to get a high value if your model is popular in the used car market and the vehicle is well looked after.

The best mileage to trade your old car

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Yes, low mileage used cars in Spartanburg, SC, are indeed lucrative but just because your old car is sporting a less-than-average odometer reading, it does not mean that you will get a high price. Two factors work here. One, the dealers know that low mileage is not an assurance of the car’s overall quality. Underuse may have very well hidden a few demons in the vehicle. And two, dealerships already get a large influx of low mileage used cars from leasing agencies. They are unwilling to grab the offer when you bring a similar car. A 100,000-miles used car can also get you a good price. If you have maintained the servicing routines, the odometer reading will not matter.

The optimal figures

As a rule of thumb, you can take 5 years/75,000 miles as the optimal age and mileage. In fact, most owners trade their existing vehicles in this range as that is the country’s average. Search online for the best used cars near me. But also pay attention to the vehicle you are parting your way with. You will want to research the price of the existing model, the reliability and demand, and then go for the trade-in as an informed customer.


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