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Why Is This the Worst Time to Buy Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles in Spartanburg?

You, as a used car buyer, have surely heard about certified pre-owned vehicles in Spartanburg. And you have read their advertisements claiming how their vehicles carry the assurances of warranties and cost less than new cars. You also get low mileage, luxury features, clean owner history and exciting financing benefits. Certainly, buying a certified used car makes sense when the pros are so convincing.

Unfortunately, that is one of the worst used car purchase decisions you will make because now is the worst time to buy a certified used car. If things were difficult earlier, they have become herculean now given the impact of the pandemic and the semiconductor shortage problem. A conventional used car or used truck in Spartanburg makes better sense now as you get similar deals like a certified dealer.

The prices of certified used cars are sky high

Rising used car prices have been all over the news in 2021. And that category includes the certified pre-owned vehicles in Spartanburg as well. Add to that the fact that only a few top-of-the-line vehicles make their way to become certified cars and the supply is fairly limited, you can expect to stare at a price tag that is nearly equal or even more than a new car. Your budget has to be really high to accommodate a used certified car now. While the average price of conventional used cars continue to hover in the mid-20,000 dollars range, certified used cars have gone way beyond the $30,000 mark.

You will need pre-approved auto loans

Yes, financing used cars is easier now and yes, certified dealers are handing out exciting financing deals left and right but your financing situation becomes complicated if you have a bad credit score. The financing deals you see on the banner are for good credit score holders. They get easy options from banks or private lenders because no one wants to take on extra risks now. If you have cash or can take a second mortgage on your house, you can buy a used certified car. Or else, you should search for approved bad credit financing in Spartanburg and stick to conventional used vehicles to avoid the complications altogether.

You might or might not get the car you want

After paying that much money and going through all that financing hassle, there is no surety that you will get the certified car you want. Again, certified dealers are struggling with supply given slow manufacturing and fewer people selling their cars and they cannot show you better alternatives because they are committed to the dealer they are certified to. In a conventional used car dealership, if you do not get a Toyota Camry, you can always test drive a Honda Civic. But in a Toyota-certified dealer, you might have to look at the expensive Corolla since the Camry is not available.

So, think beyond certified cars

And visit Family Auto of Spartanburg where we have used cars and trucks at almost all price ranges that come with a comprehensive 2 years/36,000 miles warranty and a clean ownership history. You also get help with bad credit financing and can pay a flexible down payment to get started. Our large inventory gives you the options you need. We work hard to get you the used car you want. At Family Auto, you get quality both in the vehicle you buy and the experience you have.


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